Samui statistics

Record year for Thailand tourist arrivals

International arrivals to Thailand from 1998 to 2013 has significatly grown year after years.
Breaking the benchmark or 10 millions visitors in the year 2000, the number has now surged to 26.74 millions visitors in 2013 representing an increase of 167% and a CARG of 8.21% per year since 1998. Impressive

Looking at the chart below you will notice a few drops in arrival at those period :

  • 2001 The 9/11 attacks who resulted in significan drop world wide in air travel
  • 2003 SARS limitation of travel due to health issus
  • 2004 The Asian Tsunami whom impacted tourism in shouther Thailand
  • 2006 The military coup that took down the Prime minister Taksin Shinawatra
  • 2008 The airport closure from protest
  • 2009 and 2010 the riots that during a few month in Bangkok
  • 2009-2013 The Economical crises
  • 2011 The flooding in Thailand
  • 2013 The political tension and protest in Bangkok

Looking at the chart you will notice a slight stand still in tourism progression in Thailand during those events. The interesting point is that all politicals and protests that have affected deeply Thailand did not impact arrivals more than the SARS and the economic recession .

Yearly passengers arrivals in Koh Samui

In the last 10 years Koh Samui has kept growing despite the national and International events.
It is to be noticed two main facts :
The rapid growth just out of the years 2000 to 2003 with a pic at 15.6% increase in arrivals
One year after the worldwide SRAS health issue an impressive growth of nearly 40% due to the Tsunami
affecting Phuket and all tourist then switched their holiday plan to Koh Samui, sadly Koh Samui surfed the wave of
growth due to Phuket bad publicity due to the Tsunami the two follwing years that was needed for Phuket to recover
we saw growth in arrival up to 20% yearly
From 2006 to 2013 despite all the international economical events political crises and coup in Thailand Samui still gained an
average or 11.9% per>The most impressive part is the increase in International arrivals from Singapore and Hong-Kong which permited Koh Samui to hit
a 24.86% in 2011 and 18.23% in 2012 thanks to asian tourism.

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