Samui facts

Koh Samui is the third largest island of Thailand and the second most popular, with an covered area of approximately 228 km2, in 2012 the last ressencement counted a population of 63,000 inhabitant. The island receive 1.5 million tourist annualy.

It’s located in the Gulf of Thailand, 700 Km from Bangkok, the closest point to main land Thailand is 35 Km. Koh Samui or Ko Samui for the locals is not a stand alone island also part of the larget archipelago of Thailand of more than 80 islands part of the AngThong Marine Park that include for the most famous , Koh Phangan known for the “International Full moon party” and “Koh Tao” with some of the best diving spots in the world.

The island is mainly flat on the cost area wile the middle of the island is as a luxurant tropical vegetation and a mountain center that peak at 635 meter, amazing views can be catched from the hilltop roads wich will delight the amature of photgraphie. The island mesure 25 Km at it s widdest point and it can take a few hours to travel gently arround. The shape and type of costal area of Koh Samui helps to provide a wide range of different beaches , form the perfect curve and white sandy beach to the secluded tropical beach that you will be alone to discover and allow you to feel like a real adventurer far from the mass crowd.
The main beaches are : Chaweng, and Lamai are bustling beaches cities and communly the maine touristic pole attraction, dring to the south you will find the area of Hua Thanon, Laem Set , secret Ban Talay, Thong Tanot and deserted area , dramatic Ban Talig-nam, then upcoming Lipa noi , driving up noth from Chaweng is the romantic Choeng Mon, Ban Rak, Bophut , Maenam , Bang por.

A bit of history…island first inhabitent date back to about 15 centuries ago, fisherman settled on Ko Samui from the Malay Peninsula, the historical fact can be find of the records of Pulo Cornam maps dating back to 1687. The definition of “Koh Samui find it’s ethimology though the native trees, “mui” other say that it s may come from the Malay word Saboey, meaning “safe haven”. Ko is the Thai word for “island”. Foreigner will right it “Koh”

Until the late 1970, Koh Samui was small fisherman and farming community mostly growing coconuts, connection to the main land was localy provided not allowing mass tourism, once foreigner a bit adventurer starting to came visiting the island for it’s laid back athmosphere roads and comemrcial routes started to be placed, first the ferry and then later the private owned airport.

Nowerdays the Ko Samui economy is based on the successful touristique industy, but still is a leader in cocunuts products export such as coppra and cocunut oil, a remain of rubber farming can be found in the southern part.

Ko Samui entered in the top destinations with the docking of the Cunard ship MS Queen Victoria during its 2008 world cruise, now international events like the Ko Samui Triathlon and Ko Samui regatta regularly pin Samui on the international touristic highlights.

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