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Planning to sell your house in Koh Samui ? Or planning to move to a new house and selling the old one? There are some home selling tips to make your home selling attracts a buyer. You should pay attention to some aspects if you would sell your home. The price almost becomes a general of all. And then, the qualities of your house can be guarantee. The qualities include beauty, functionality, coziness, etc.

Above all, assumes that you are a buyer, what will you look or what will you look if you want to buy a house? There are some home selling tips:

  • Just get familiar with the market price of houses in your area for this at Samui Marvel Properties we can help you, and put the villa at a reasonable price.
  • The location of your house can be a point to increase or decrease your market price, if your house located in an elite residential, you are allowed to increase your market price.
  • Plan some strategy to advertise and promote your home selling. You can consult with an expert or with a realty agent such as Samui marvel Properties.
  • Advertise though your real estate agent Samui Marvel Properties
  • Showing your home to a buyer directly or using visual media.
  • Your presentation to a buyer can add a good value of your home selling.
  • No home is perfect. You just disclosing and clarifying all the negative facts in your house.
  • Make a good first impression, by doing some preparations in your exterior, interior, and appliances.
  • Creating a buying mood, with turn of air conditioner or heater, make some spaces, create coziness, open the windows, light the fireplace, etc.
  • Qualify a buyer is necessary to do to make sure that the process of selling work properly.
  • Pay attention to your house tax. You can consult with your house tax advisor.
  • Just now about all legal transaction process terms such as contracts, and letter correlated.
  • Learn how to do a good negotiation.
  • If you decide to use an agent or realtor, you must know the different of two them. You also should now the commission and all the process inside.
  • Choose a reputable realtor.
  • Your Agent should put a board signs written “Home For Sale by Realtor” if you use realtor.
  • Make the most of your realtor’s advices. Your realtor will guide you to your home selling and you will receive the maximum results offered.

Tip on selling your own Koh Samui home

Selling your own home is never easy, and the difficulties ran more than just missing an agent. There are those memories and sense of belongings to get over, for one. You want to make sure the house you’ve lived in moves to the best buyer possible – and you want to make sure they’re willing to pay what it’s worth. Do you really think you can do this? A lot of people managed to sell their own home quickly. Here are some tips that might help:

  • Make sure you have every legal issues covered before you even think about handing your house over. Does your state law require you to give property disclosures to potential buyers? It’s always a good idea to invest in a good attorney to help you.
  • An attorney also come in handy for helping you make the contract form. Selling your own home requires a contract that would both protect you and the buyer – think about the buyer deposit and the local estate laws. Don’t hesitate to ask us Samui Mavel Properties for advices or a good lawyer recommendation
  • A useful but normally disregarded tip in selling your own home is make sure you pick out the best picture to put in the advertisements. Like humans, not all houses are “photogenic”, so pick out the best angle that still represents what your house has to offer.
  • Something the agents have and you don’t is experience, especially in observing buyers. The large amount of potential buyers coming to your house should not convince you that everyone can finance for a house. If you’re selling a house on your own, more buyers will come in hope of a more flexible negotiation – check them all. Ask if they’re able to buy your house immediately, or do they need to sell their own house first. Remember that there is no financing for Foreigner in Thailand in a general basis, some developer may allow it by some banks via Singapore such as Standard Chartered
  • Cleaning and preparing your house for home showings is only a part of your effort. Some potential buyers love to do drive-bys, and rely on that first impression. Make sure your lawn and the front part of your house is well maintained. If your curb appeal is low, clients are reluctant to see what’s inside. These tips on selling your own home came from people who managed to sell their house successfully. There’s a lot to consider before you take every next step, so take your time. And remember, it’s useless to do the selling on your own if the revenue taken from not hiring an agent is spent heavily on fixing your own mistakes ! Selling a house in Koh Samui is just exactly the same as in your country a bit of preparation is needed in order for Koh Samui real estate agent to help you go though the process.

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